How to Get a Snake Out of Your Garage

Coming across a snake in your garage can be an alarming experience. With their slender, sliding bodies and reputation for danger, they are not the most welcomed of garage guests. However, with the right knowledge and actions, you can remove these reptiles and prevent future encounters safely and humanely. This guide outlines how to get a snake out of your garage while considering the well-being of both the homeowner and the snake.

How to Get a Snake Out of Your Garage

Key Takeaways:

  • Identify snake species to assess risks and proper removal tactics
  • Encourage self-exiting before attempting to handle snakes
  • Seal entry points; trim vegetation; use humane rodent control
  • Seek professional assistance for quick, safe removal if needed
  • Coexist peacefully through understanding and respect for nature

6 Effective Steps for How to Get a Snake Out of Your Garage

Here are six effective steps to follow for how to get a snake out of your garage:

Step 1: Understanding Snakes and Why They Enter Garages

Snakes often venture into human spaces in search of food sources, shelter, and warmth. Rodents, which are a primary food source for many snake species, might attract them to garages. To deal with a snake in the garage, it’s crucial first to understand what kind of snake you’re dealing with. While most snakes are harmless, identifying venomous vs nonvenomous snakes is vital for determining your next steps.

Step 2: Keeping Calm and Assessing the Situation

When you find a snake, the most important thing is to remain calm. Panicking may cause the snake to feel threatened and behave unpredictably. Assess whether the snake is an immediate threat and look for signs indicating whether there may be more than one.

Step 3: Encouraging the Snake to Leave on Its Own

Snakes are just as eager to avoid human contact as we are to avoid them. You can encourage a snake to leave by opening your garage door and clearing a path to the outside. Utilizing snake repellents so long as they are safe and humane, can sometimes persuade a snake to exit the area.

Step 4: Removing Persistent Snakes Humanely

If the snake does not leave, it may be time to call professional snake removal services. They are equipped with the proper tools and knowledge to remove the snake without causing harm. For nonvenomous snakes that do not pose a significant threat, you can use snake traps, but ensure that you check them regularly and that they are designed to not hurt the snake.

Step 5: Snake-Proofing Your Garage

Once the intruder has been removed, preventing future visits is paramount. Inspect and seal potential entry points around your garage door and take steps such as installing mesh screens on vents. Maintain a clean environment to minimize attracting rodents, the primary food sources for snakes.

Seal Potential Entry Points

Step 6: Preventing Future Snake Problems

Regular maintenance around your property can deter snakes. Trimming vegetation and removing debris removes potential hiding spots. Consider your approach to rodent control, as humane and nonlethal methods can help decrease a snake’s interest in your garage.

FAQs About How to Get a Snake Out of Your Garage

Why Would a Snake Be in My Garage?

A snake might be in your garage seeking shelter, a food source like rodents or insects, or warmth. If you find a snake in your garage, stay calm, contact a professional for removal, and consider preventive measures such as sealing entry points and removing potential food sources to deter future visits.

Where Would a Snake Hide in a Garage?

In a garage, snakes can hide in cluttered areas, under or behind objects, in wall gaps and crevices, and near warm areas such as water heaters. When inspecting for snakes, be thorough and cautious, checking these potential hiding spots carefully. If a snake is found, seek professional assistance for safe removal.


Dealing with a snake in your garage doesn’t have to be a frightening ordeal. With the right approach and preventive measures, you can encourage snakes to leave and keep them from returning. Educate yourself on the local snake species, exercise caution, and seek professional assistance if needed. Remember, the goal is to achieve a peaceful coexistence with our wildlife neighbors.

Remembering these tips can ensure your garage remains a safe and snake-free zone. When it comes to Garage Wildlife Control, understanding and respect for nature can make all the difference in executing Humane Pest Solutions.

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