How to Store a Ladder in a Garage

As a homeowner, you understand the importance of having a ladder readily available for various tasks around the house. However, ladders can be bulky and take up valuable storage space in your garage. The key is to find creative and efficient solutions to store your ladder while keeping it easily accessible. In this article, we will explore how to store a ladder in a garage with different ladder storage ideas, ranging from wall hooks to ceiling racks, to help you maximize space in your garage.

How to Store a Ladder in a Garage

10 Effective Methods for How to Store a Ladder in a Garage

Method 1: Store it Outside

If you have outdoor space available, consider storing your ladder outside. There are various water-resistant covers available that can protect your ladder from the elements. Look for a secluded area, such as behind high trees or a less visible back fence, to store your ladder. You can even choose a cover that matches the surrounding environment to camouflage your ladder.

Method 2: Utilize the Side of Your House

Storing your ladder on the side of your house can be a convenient option, especially if you have limited space in your garage. By affixing your ladder to the exterior wall, you can keep it readily accessible. Make sure to invest in a water-resistant cover to protect your ladder from the elements. Keep in mind that this storage method requires proper installation using drills and studs for secure mounting.

Method 3: Make Use of Your Laundry Room

Surprisingly, your laundry room can provide decent storage space for your ladder, especially if it’s not a high-reaching one. The laundry room closet often has ample space that can accommodate your ladder. Consider stacking your ladder towards the back of the closet or hanging it on the back wall of your laundry room. This way, you can keep your ladder out of sight and easily accessible when needed.

Method 4: Utilize Space Behind Furniture

If you have furniture with space beneath, such as long sofas, nightstands, or beds, consider utilizing that space to store your ladder. This clever solution allows you to hide your ladder while utilizing otherwise unused space. Simply slide the ladder below the furniture, ensuring it is secure and won’t pose any safety hazards. This method works well for ladders that are not frequently used.

Method 5: Take Advantage of the Attic

The attic is a classic storage space for ladders. Mounting your ladder to the wall or sliding it below wooden beams in the attic can be an efficient way to store it. However, keep in mind that modern homes may have limited attic space, and accessing the ladder may be inconvenient if you use it frequently. Nonetheless, the attic provides a secure and out-of-sight storage option for your ladder.

Attic is a Classic Storage Space for Ladders

Method 6: Install Slatwalls in Your Garage

Consider adding a slat wall to your garage, which is a track and panel system that allows for versatile storage options. Slat walls are available in plastic or metal and can be attached to a portion or the entire wall of your garage. These walls can hold various items, including ladders, bikes, shelves, and more. The installation may require some time and proper wall studs, but it offers an efficient and organized solution for ladder storage.

Method 7: Opt for Bike Hooks

Bike hooks can double as ladder storage hooks, making them a cost-effective option if you already have them in your garage. These heavy-duty hooks are designed to sustain the weight of bikes, which makes them suitable for hanging ladders as well. Ensure that you drill the hooks into solid wall studs for secure mounting. By utilizing bike hooks, you can hang your ladder vertically or horizontally, depending on the available space.

Method 8: Utilize Ceiling Storage

If you have ample ceiling space in your garage, consider utilizing it for ladder storage. This option helps maximize floor and wall space while keeping the ladder easily accessible. Installing a ceiling rack or hoist system can provide a secure and efficient storage solution. You can choose between manual or automated hoist systems, depending on your preferences and budget. However, note that accessing the ladder may require a stepladder or stool.

Method 9: Install Shelves in Your Garage

Classic wooden shelves along the interior wall of your garage provide an excellent storage option for ladders. However, modern storage solutions offer slimmer and sleeker alternatives to maintain a fresh and organized look. Metal wire shelves, thick wooden dowels or pegs, and even PVC piping can be used to create custom storage for your ladder. Ensure that the shelves are securely mounted or bolted to wall studs to support the weight of the ladder.

Method 10: Consider Using Straps

For easy and frequent access to your ladder, consider using hang straps. These straps consist of two cloth material straps attached to a carabiner. By hooking the carabiners onto separate hooks mounted on the wall studs, you can suspend your ladder securely. Hang straps are a convenient option, but they are not suitable for long-term storage as the ladder may sway or clang with any movement in the air. If you frequently use your ladder, consider investing in a collapsible ladder that can be easily stored using any of the above storage ideas.

Hooking the Carabiners

FAQs About How to Store a Ladder in a Garage

Can Ladders Be Stored Vertically/Upright?

Yes, ladders can be stored vertically, but it’s important to take the necessary precautions to prevent tipping over. When storing ladders vertically, they should be secured using suitable means such as rope, chain, ladder racks, or hanging brackets to ensure they don’t fall. However, for maximum security and safety, it’s recommended to store ladders horizontally when not in use to prevent sagging and potential accidents. Horizontal storage also helps keep ladders clean, easily accessible, and protected from weather and unintentional contact with people or machinery.

Where is the Best Place to Store a Ladder?

The best place to store a ladder is in a protected area, away from weather and potential contact with people or machinery. It should be supported horizontally on racks or mounted on the walls, kept clean, and stored in easily accessible areas. Wooden ladders should be kept ventilated and away from dampness and heat. Storing ladders horizontally on racks or mounted on the wall, supported approximately every six feet, is recommended for maximum safety, as this method keeps ladders clean, easily accessible, and protected from weather and unintentional contact.

Where Do You Store a Tall Ladder?

Tall ladders can be stored vertically, but precautions need to be taken to prevent them from tipping over. It’s recommended to secure the ladder using suitable means such as a strap or similar device to prevent unauthorized access or theft.

Is It OK to Store Ladders Outside?

Storing ladders outside for short periods is acceptable with proper precautions. However, long-term outdoor storage can lead to damage such as plastic fittings, corrosion, rust, and material deterioration, especially for wooden ladders. While aluminum ladders can be stored outdoors with special care, fiberglass ladders are vulnerable to weather conditions, with direct sunlight causing breakdown and potential electrical hazards. Safe storage practices include keeping ladders off-ground and covered with tarps if left outside. A well-ventilated, protected area away from weather and potential contact with people or machinery is ideal for long-term ladder storage.


Remember to choose a storage method that suits your specific ladder type, weight, and available space. By utilizing these creative ladder storage ideas, you can efficiently store your ladder while maximizing space in your garage. Keep your ladder secure, easily accessible, and in good condition by implementing these storage solutions. Whether you opt for wall hooks, ceiling racks, or outdoor storage, finding the right ladder storage solution will help keep your garage organized and clutter-free.

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