How to Hang Leaf Blower in Garage

Properly storing your leaf blower is essential for prolonging its life, maintaining its performance, and keeping your garage organized and clutter-free. Hanging your leaf blower in the garage frees up valuable floor space and reduces the risk of accidents caused by tripping over equipment. This blog post will introduce several practical and easy-to-implement methods/solutions for how to hang leaf blower in garage. From simple hooks to innovative ceiling storage, these methods will help you create a safe and organized storage solution for your leaf blower. Discover which method suits your garage and leaf blower size best.

How to Hang Leaf Blower in Garage

Choose the Right Location

When deciding where to hang your leaf blower, consider these factors:

  • Pick a wall with open space and studs to securely attach mounts.
  • Ensure the location allows easy access to grab the leaf blower on and off the wall.
  • Mount it near an outlet if you’ll be charging electric models there.
  • Keep away from work benches or other storage areas to avoid crowded spaces.
Consider Hanging the Leaf Blower at a Height

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4 Effective Methods for How to Hang Leaf Blower in Garage

Hanging up your leaf blower in the garage is a great way to save floor space and keep it protected when not in use. Here are 4 effective methods for how to hang leaf blower in garage:

Method 1: Install Secure Mounting Hardware

Be sure to use mounting hardware that can handle the leaf blower’s weight. Options include:

  • Heavy-duty wall hooks
  • Storage brackets
  • Cable hangers

For extra strength, attach to wall studs when possible. Use hollow drywall anchors if not on a stud. Follow manufacturer guidelines for weight limits and hardware needed.

Method 2: Hang Using a Built-in Handle

Once your mounting hardware is installed securely, lift the leaf blower and hang it by its built-in handle or strap. Test that it sits firmly without sliding or tips. Consider storing the extension cord neatly wrapped and hung nearby too.

Method 3: Use a Hook or Hanger

A hook or hanger is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to hang a leaf blower in your garage. This method is easy to implement and requires minimal effort. To get started, follow these steps:

A. Find the Right Hook or Hanger

Visit your local hardware store to find a suitable hook or hanger for your leaf blower. Make sure to choose one that is strong enough to support the weight of your blower. Hooks are available in various sizes and materials, so select one compatible with your leaf blower.

B. Locate a Wall Stud

For secure hanging, attaching the hook or hanger to a wall stud is essential. Use a stud finder to locate a stud in your garage wall. Studs are typically spaced 16 or 24 inches apart, and securing the hook or hanger to a stud ensures that it can handle the weight of your leaf blower.

C. Install the Hook or Hanger

Once you have identified a suitable location and the appropriate hook or hanger, follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions. This may involve drilling pilot holes, inserting wall anchors, or screwing the hook directly into the stud. Ensure the hook or hanger is securely fastened before hanging your leaf blower.

D. Hang Your Leaf Blower

With the hook or hanger securely in place, carefully hang your leaf blower by its handle or any other suitable part, as the manufacturer recommends. Make sure the leaf blower is stable and not at risk of falling.

Make Sure the Leaf Blower is Stable

Using a hook or hanger to store your leaf blower in the garage is a straightforward and affordable solution that will keep your equipment safely off the ground and free up valuable space in your garage.

Method 4: Wall Storage Systems

A wall storage system is an organized and versatile option for hanging your leaf blower in the garage, particularly if you have a smaller blower. This method offers customizable options that can easily accommodate your specific storage needs. Here’s how to set up a wall storage system for your leaf blower:

A. Choose a Modular Wall Storage System

Various wall storage systems are available on the market, including Slatwall panels, pegboards, and track systems. Assess your garage space and choose a system that fits your needs and preferences best. Consider the overall size of your leaf blower and the available wall space when deciding.

B. Install the Wall Storage System

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the wall storage system on your garage wall properly. Ensure it is securely attached to the wall studs to ensure stability and support. Additionally, consider any other tools or equipment you plan to store on the system to avoid overcrowding.

C. Add Hooks or Shelves

Once your wall storage system is in place, you must add hooks, shelves, or other accessories compatible with your chosen system. Ensure the hooks or shelves you select can support the weight of your leaf blower. Position these accessories at an appropriate height and spacing to accommodate your leaf blower and any other items you wish to store.

Position These Accessories

D. Hang Your Leaf Blower

Carefully hang your leaf blower on the hooks or place it on the shelf, ensuring it is stable and secure. Ensure enough clearance between the leaf blower and other items on the wall storage system to avoid damage or clutter.

A wall storage system provides a neat, organized solution for hanging your leaf blower in the garage. It offers the flexibility to store other tools and equipment, maximizing your garage’s storage potential.

Method 5: Hanging by Hooks

Hanging your leaf blower with hooks is another easy and convenient method to store it in the garage. This approach minimizes the chances of the leaf blower breaking or experiencing wear and tear while preventing tripping hazards. Follow these steps to install strong and sturdy hooks for hanging your leaf blower:

A. Choose Appropriate Hooks

Select robust and sturdy hooks that can support the weight of your leaf blower. These hooks can be found in various materials, such as heavy-duty steel or plastic. Choose a hook compatible with your leaf blower’s size and weight.

B. Locate Wall Studs

For a secure installation, attaching the hooks to wall studs is crucial. Use a stud finder to locate the studs in your garage wall. As previously mentioned, studs are generally spaced 16 or 24 inches apart, and attaching the hooks to the studs ensures that they can handle the weight of your leaf blower.

C. Install the Hooks

After identifying the appropriate location and choosing the right hooks, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation. This process may include drilling pilot holes, using wall anchors, or screwing the hooks directly into the studs. Confirm that the hooks are securely fastened before hanging your leaf blower.

Using Wall Anchors

D. Hang Your Leaf Blower

Carefully hang your leaf blower on the installed hooks using the handle or another suitable part, as the manufacturer recommends. Double-check that the leaf blower is stable and securely in place to avoid potential accidents.

By hanging your leaf blower with hooks, you can efficiently store your equipment in the garage while reducing the risk of damage and enhancing overall safety.

Method 6: Hanging From the Ceiling

If your garage has limited wall or floor space, hanging your leaf blower from the ceiling is an innovative solution that maximizes storage potential. This method involves using a pulley system or a dedicated leaf blower hanger to suspend your equipment safely. Follow these steps to hang your leaf blower from the ceiling:

A. Select a Suitable Ceiling Storage Solution

Choose between a pulley system or a leaf blower hanger designed specifically for ceiling storage. A pulley system allows you to raise and lower your leaf blower easily, while a dedicated hanger provides a secure and stable storage option.

B. Identify the Appropriate Location

Find a spot on your garage ceiling that offers sufficient clearance from other objects and allows easy access to your leaf blower. Ensure that the chosen location is free from obstacles and does not impede the functionality of your garage.

C. Install the Pulley System or Hanger

Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install your chosen ceiling storage solution. This may involve locating ceiling joists, drilling pilot holes, and securing the system or hanger with appropriate hardware. Confirm that the installation is secure and can support the weight of your leaf blower.

Hanger With Appropriate Hardware

D. Hang Your Leaf Blower

Once the pulley system or hanger is securely in place, carefully attach your leaf blower to the designated suspension points. Using a pulley system, ensure the leaf blower is balanced and easily raised and lowered without obstruction.

By hanging your leaf blower from the ceiling, you can effectively utilize otherwise unused space in your garage while maintaining an organized and clutter-free environment. This method also keeps your leaf blower safely out of reach from children and pets, further enhancing safety in your garage.

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Added Leaf Blower Storage Tips

  • Incorporate padding on hooks or hangers to prevent scratches.
  • Install a small shelf to hold the leaf blower upright.
  • Use a backpack blower storage solution designed for garage use.
  • Hang multiple blowers if needed for easy organization.

FAQs About How to Hang Leaf Blower in Garage

How Do You Store a Petrol Leaf Blower?

To store a petrol leaf blower, first, clean it by removing any dirt and debris. Next, empty the fuel tank or transfer the fuel to a safe container. Then, oil the engine by adding a small amount of motor oil and pulling the starter rope to distribute it.
Find a dry and secure location to store the leaf blower, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Finally, ensure safety by turning it off, letting the moving parts stop, and disconnecting the spark plug wire (for gasoline-powered) or power supply (for electric) before performing any maintenance.

How Do You Hold a Leaf Blower?

When using a leaf blower, holding it by your side is generally recommended. Point the front chute of the blower towards the ground at a low angle. This helps to direct the airflow under the leaves rather than blowing them around on top.
Holding the blower at your side allows for better control and maneuverability. Remember to move the blower chute from left to right as you work through the area to ensure even coverage. For more detailed tips, you can also refer to online resources and videos that provide additional guidance on operating a leaf blower effectively.

How Do You Store a Backpack Leaf Blower?

To store a backpack leaf blower, clean it by removing dirt and debris, empty the fuel tank, check and clean or replace the air filter if necessary, lubricate moving parts with oil, find a dry storage location away from sunlight and moisture, hang it or store it upright to save space and prevent damage, and consider covering it with a dust cover or plastic bag for long-term storage.
These steps will help ensure your backpack leaf blower is stored properly and ready for future use. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for any specific guidelines.

What is the Best Method for a Leaf Blower?

To effectively use a leaf blower, start by choosing the right type for your needs and prioritizing safety with appropriate gear. Clear larger debris manually, then hold the blower at a comfortable angle and move it side to side in a steady motion to clear the leaves and debris. Adjust the speed and direction of the airflow as needed, work in sections, and maintain the blower regularly for optimal performance. Always be mindful of your surroundings and considerate of others while using a leaf blower.

Can a Leaf Blower Be Used Indoors?

No, a leaf blower should not be used indoors. Leaf blowers are designed for outdoor use and emit exhaust fumes that can be harmful if used in enclosed spaces. Additionally, the high-speed air flow produced by a leaf blower can stir up dust, debris, and other particles, leading to poor indoor air quality. It’s important to always use leaf blowers in well-ventilated outdoor areas and never indoors to ensure safety and prevent health hazards.


In this blog post, we explored various practical methods for hanging a leaf blower in the garage, including hooks or hangers, wall storage systems, hanging by hooks, hanging from the ceiling, and selecting the right location. Each of these solutions offers unique advantages to help you maintain an organized and clutter-free garage while prolonging the life and performance of your leaf blower.

When choosing the best storage solution for your leaf blower, consider factors such as your garage layout, available space, and the size and weight of your equipment. By implementing the most suitable method for your needs, you can ensure a safe and well-organized garage environment while keeping your leaf blower in optimal condition for years.

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