How to Keep Lizards Out of Garage

Lizards can be a nuisance if they get into your garage. They are not only a creepy sight to see scurrying around, but they can also carry diseases and be dangerous to pets. If you have lizards in your garage, it is critical that you take action to keep them from returning. We’ll give you 5 effective tips for how to keep lizards out of garage in this blog. By following these guidelines, you can keep lizards out of your home and keep your garage a safe and comfortable space.

How to Keep Lizards Out of Garage

Why Do Lizards Enter Garages?

There are several reasons why lizards may enter garages. Some possible reasons include:

  1. Shelter: Lizards may enter garages in search of shelter, especially during cold or wet weather. Garages can provide a warm and dry place for lizards to hide and take refuge.
  2. Food: Lizards may enter garages in search of food, especially if there are insects or other small rodents present. Garages can provide a source of sustenance for lizards if they are able to find food there.
  3. Accidental entry: Lizards may accidentally enter garages through cracks or openings in the structure. Lizards are small and can squeeze through very small spaces, so it’s important to seal up any openings to prevent them from entering.
  4. Attracted to clutter: Lizards may be attracted to cluttered, dirty areas, and a garage that is cluttered or dirty may provide an attractive habitat for them.
  5. Mating: Lizards may enter garages during mating season as they search for a suitable partner.

It’s important to identify the reason why lizards are entering your garage in order to effectively prevent them from returning.

What to Do if You Find a Lizard in Your Garage

If you find a lizard in your garage, there are several steps you can take to safely remove it:

  1. Remain calm: It’s important to stay calm and not panic if you see a lizard in your garage. Lizards are generally harmless and are more afraid of humans than we are of them.
  2. Do not touch the lizard: It’s important not to touch the lizard, as they can carry diseases and some species have sharp claws or teeth that can cause injury. If you must handle the lizard, be sure to wear gloves to protect yourself.
  3. Gently guide the lizard outside: Once you have identified an exit point, gently guide the lizard towards it using a broom or similar object. You can also try gently shooing the lizard towards the exit with your hands, being careful not to touch it.
  4. Close any openings: Once the lizard has been removed, be sure to seal up any cracks or openings in the garage to prevent future lizards from entering.
  5. Clean the garage: If the lizard was attracted to clutter or dirty areas in the garage, be sure to clean up and organize to make the space less attractive to lizards.

If you are unable to safely remove the lizard from the garage or are concerned about the presence of a potentially dangerous species, it may be best to call a professional pest control service for assistance.

Dirty Areas in the Garage

5 Effective Tips for How to Keep Lizards Out of Garage

Here are 5 tips for keeping those pesky critters out of your garage for good:

Tip 1: Seal Up Any Cracks or Openings in the Garage

Seal up those cracks and openings. Lizards can squeeze through the tiniest of spaces, so it’s important to make sure your garage is sealed up tight. Caulk and weatherstripping are both great materials for sealing up cracks and openings.

Tip 2: Keep the Garage Clean and Free of Clutter

Keep the garage clean and clutter-free. Lizards love dirty, cluttered areas, so make sure to sweep and tidy up regularly. This will make your garage a less attractive place for lizards to hang out.

Tip 3: Use Natural Repellents

Use natural repellents. Citrus oils and cayenne pepper are both natural substances that lizards dislike. Mix some of these ingredients with water and spray them around the perimeter of your garage to keep lizards at bay.

Tip 4: Use a Physical Barrier

Use a physical barrier. Mesh or screening can be placed around the perimeter of your garage or over openings to create a physical barrier that lizards cannot cross.

Create a Physical Barrier That Lizards Cannot Cross

Tip 5: Keep Lizard’s Food Sources Away From the Garage

Keep lizards’ food sources away. Lizards may be attracted to your garage if they can find food there, so make sure to keep insects and small rodents at bay. Pest control methods and sealing up any openings can help prevent these critters from entering your garage.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to a lizard-free garage in no time. Happy critter-proofing!

FAQs About Keeping Lizards Out of the Garage

What Smell Will Keep Lizards Away?

Citrus oils (such as lemon or orange) and cayenne pepper are two natural substances that lizards dislike. These ingredients can be combined to make a natural repellent that can be applied to areas where lizards may be attracted, such as around the perimeter of a garage or on surfaces where lizards are frequently seen. It’s important to note that these odors may not completely deter lizards, but they can help to reduce the likelihood of them entering or residing in a particular area.

Does Vinegar Keep Away Lizards?

Yes, vinegar can be used to deter lizards. Lizards dislike the strong, pungent smell of vinegar, so spraying vinegar around the perimeter of your garage or other areas where lizards may congregate can help keep them away. It’s important to note that vinegar may need to be reapplied on a regular basis because the scent fades over time. Furthermore, vinegar may not be effective at repelling all species of lizards, and it may not provide a long-term solution for keeping lizards out of your garage.


If you’ve been struggling with lizards in your garage, we hope these tips have been helpful in getting rid of them. By sealing up cracks and openings, keeping the garage clean and clutter-free, using natural repellents, creating a physical barrier, and keeping lizards’ food sources away, you’ll be well on your way to a lizard-free garage. Don’t let those pesky critters take over your space any longer – take control and keep them out for good. Happy lizard-proofing!

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